Chattanooga Elopement Weddings– 5 Reasons to Elope in Tennessee

Chattanooga Elopement Weddings–Reasons to elope in Tennessee

Chattanooga Elopement Weddings–Reasons to elope in Tennessee

Eloping has been a popular choice for wedding couples for years, but in light of the current climate, it’s become an even more desirable choice. If you’re considering a Chattanooga elopement wedding as the perfect way to say your I DOs, you’ll love these five reasons to elope in Tennessee.

1– Natural Beauty

They don’t call it sunny Tennessee for nothing. This state is a golden-hilled wonder teeming with natural beauty, amazing photo spots for swoon-worthy wedding photography, and a whole lot of heart. Southern hospitality, down-home vibes, and gorgeous landscapes are among the amazing reasons to opt for a Chattanooga elopement wedding.

2– Climate/Weather

Tennessee, though it celebrates the four seasons respectively, is known for its incredibly mild weather. That means you can comfortably get married basically any time of year when you choose this state as your wedding destination. Whether you’re a local or have to travel in for the big day, you’ll love the relaxed climate and forgiving weather the south has to offer.

3– Cost Efficient

Let’s be honest. Getting married is expensive; but that said, Tennessee is a very cost-effective choice of location when compared to other potential destinations. You can still keep the adventure aspect that makes elopements so exciting, while not having to fork over an arm and a leg to make it happen. Make your big day special even on a budget when you elope in Tennessee.

Enjoy the best southern foods at your Chattanooga elopement wedding

4– The Food

Two words: fried chicken. Fried chicken, y’all! When you choose to elope in Tennessee, you can reap the benefits of delicious down-home southern-style cookin’ when it comes to your wedding meal. Think okra, hot chicken, BBQ, buttermilk biscuits, peach cobbler…the list goes on! You and your beloved can enjoy the flavors of the south as you commit to a life of love together.

5– Southern Charm

Well, down in the deep south, we’re known for our manners, hospitality, and following the Golden Rule. Our mamas taught us that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, so we’ll show you just how sticky sweet we can be. When you choose to host your nuptials in Tennessee, you’ll be surrounded by the warm glow of a region in which folks know how to charm ya. Many find it endearing.

If you do check “yes” on a Chattanooga elopement wedding, we hope you’ll consider tying the knot at one of our beautiful venue options at Howe Farms. We’ve got no shortage of panoramic views, endless amenities, and a plethora of options to help make your elopement truly special and everything you’ve hoped for. Learn more about our elopement options and offerings, and reach out to our team to schedule a tour today!