1. Pick the right season 

    The southeast’s well-defined seasonal temperatures can have a big impact on outdoor weddings near Chattanooga. During the classic wedding month of June, highs in the Chattanooga area can reach as high as the mid-eighties, with lows dipping just ten or fifteen degrees lower. April and October boast some of the most comfortable outdoor temps, but not everyone has room in their schedule for spring or autumn ceremonies. And winter weddings blanketed with thick snow might be right out of the question unless you get lucky in early February.
    Those factors don’t matter as much if you’re planning an indoor wedding. But if you have your heart set on an outdoor wedding near Chattanooga, you’ll want to aim for the mildest, least humid months like April-May and September-October. You can still catch green leaves in these ranges if bare-limbed buds and fall colors aren’t your thing, but your guests won’t be overheated or at risk of summer thunderstorms, either.

  2. Find the right venue 

    A good outdoor wedding venue in Chattanooga will be able to help you talk through weather preparations for whatever date you book, however. And a beautiful barn wedding offers the best of both worlds, including both a romantic outdoor backdrop and a welcoming indoor venue that give you a lot of options, rain or shine.

    Whether you are hoping for something rustic or modern, secular or faith-infused, there are outdoor wedding venues and barn wedding venues near Chattanooga that can accommodate ceremonies of all sizes and aesthetics. Look for a venue connected to the best caterers, florists, and wedding vendors in the Chattanooga area who can help you find the best collaborators to create your vision, but won’t lock you into a preferred vendor list.

  3. Time the ceremony 

    Think about the kind of experience you want to create for both the ceremony and the reception and your top priorities. Want golden hour posed wedding photos? Either take them before or as the guests arrive, or plan an earlier ceremony. Or perhaps you want the ceremony to occur during golden hour. Or maybe you’re feeling a morning ceremony and brunch or lunch reception. There are all sorts of ways to set the tone for the ceremony and reception experience you want to create.

    Look for a venue that gives you morning to evening access so you have plenty of time to set up and break down your wedding set up, receive deliveries from vendors, and still be able to start and end your dream wedding at the exact time you want. A trustworthy venue will also be able to help you decide what time of day would be best to coordinate the level of event you are planning and the atmosphere you’re hoping to create.

  4. Find the right dress code wording 

    Outdoor weddings can be formal or casual, black tie or come-as-you are. That said, they do present different conditions than indoor weddings, such as grass at outdoor ceremony sites that might turn stilettos into lawn aerators. The weather, too, impacts dress code choices, depending on the time of year and time of day. Your venue can help let you know what conditions you can anticipate and what dress codes have worked for other weddings in the past, so you can find just the right wording to help your guests prepare for your perfect day.

  5. Develop a plan B 

    Outdoor weddings always come with an element of weather risk, especially in a place like Chattanooga that experiences all four seasons. Work with the host of your outdoor wedding near Chattanooga to make a plan for what will happen if the weather does something unexpected. This is one of the wonderful things

  6. Plan the menu 

    The menu is one of the most creative, fun elements of any wedding where you can really create an experience for your guests. The fun of an outdoor wedding is how the landscape can inspire or inform your food choices. For example, a more rustic wedding theme might give you the freedom to go for barbecue and mac n cheese over a carving station and loaded potatoes. A chic, modern barn wedding with an indoor/outdoor mix might let you get festive with a menu of contemporary fusion cuisines. The sky’s the limit and the world is your oyster!

    If you already have a preferred caterer in mind, fantastic! You’re one step closer to your day. If not, talk to the vendor of your outdoor wedding near Chattanooga. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction of trusted caterers who have helped couples bring their special day to lifetime and time again.

  7. Party On 

    Congratulations! The last step to hosting an amazing outdoor wedding near Chattanooga is to enjoy it. Take in the love, support, and grace of all your friends and family around you, the beautiful natural scenery, and the creativity of your wedding vendors. With the dream venue, gorgeous flowers, the ideal dress, and every other detail perfectly in place, you have nothing to do but focus on two families becoming one and the romance of the occasion. Soak up the wonder!