If you’re planning a wedding for 2020, we’ve got a great list of the hottest trends to help make your special day a complete dream. You’ve got the Chattanooga wedding venue on lock, and now it’s time to get down to business hammering out those fun and creative details that will make your wedding day uniquely yours.

1- Green Weddings

Sustainable weddings are all the rage right now for 2020. It’s a real thing, and Howe Farms is absolutely here for it. Now more than ever before, it is critical to plan from an angle of sustainability. Wedding vendors and industry professionals have a great footing to reduce our footprint by helping their wedding clients plan sustainably. How can you cut waste?

Think about using vendors who employ green and sustainable practices, upcycle decorating elements (ahem, venue bonus for Howe Farms couples), source locally-grown ingredients for your wedding meal, and instead of having a bunch of things made for your big day, consider repurposing as much as you can. For example, consider cloth napkins instead of having paper ones printed with your new name.

2- Poppin’ Bold Colors

For 2020 bold colors are super in. We’re saying “farewell for now” to the classically popular color palettes like all white, all blush, or neutrals. Instead, this year you can expect to see a lot of pops of color, statement hues, and maybe even a few trending patterns here and there. Think patterned ties on groomsmen.

Many brides will also really lean into using bold colors in a heavy-handed way for effect, rather than just sprinkling them in here and there for details. 2020 Weddings will be go bold, or go home.

3- Blue is the New Black

Move over black, there’s a new go-to in town. As menswear goes for 2020 weddings, we are seeing more blue suits for grooms and groomsmen. Any hue, so long as it’s blue. We’re talking navy, cobalt, and teal jackets– all of which are on trend this year. A blue suit is a little more playful than the traditional black tux, and grooms can still add some personality through various details and personal touches to really make a look classically them. New dress codes for 2020 don’t start and end with the men. Read a little more on that here in a piece from The Knot.

4- Menus that Embrace Inclusivity

We are becoming more and more a culture that embraces inclusivity, and that trickles down to wedding menus too. Inclusive wedding menus are a recent wedding trend– meaning wedding couples are serving food that satisfy all guests, regardless of any dietary limitations or preferences they may bring to the table. The age old chicken or steak question is a thing of the past.

More and more couples are now incorporating vegetarian meal options, vegan dishes, and nut and gluten allergy-friendly elements within their wedding meals. Being inclusive food wise takes some extra planning and preparation, but just think of how seen your guests will feel! You can even consider serving mocktails for your guests who are non-drinkers, younger, or have plans to drive after the shebang.

5- Intimate Weddings

2020 is also a year for more intimate wedding ceremonies. Go big on all the details, but go small on the wedding guest list. Be selective about who joins you for this special day, and use your budget to splurge on the other elements of your event. Just think what kind of wedding meal you can have for 20 instead of 200?

6- EXTRA is In!

When it comes to trendy 2020 wedding gowns, it’s gonna be a year for bigger and bolder. This year more is more as wedding attire is concerned, and understated dresses, simple silhouettes, and minimal slip dresses will take a backseat. We’re talking layers, beading, tulle, and VOLUME.

It’s also very on trend this year to have wardrobe changes. Maybe you go tea length for your party, and pantsuit for the send off. Whatever you choose, the sky’s the limit. Take risks. Go for a bold shape. Maybe even go for color! It’s your day. Peruse some of the top wedding dress trends of 2020 here on The Knot.

7- Statement Wedding Decor

If ever you had license to be over the top, it’s on your wedding day. In keeping with the overarching theme of more is more, 2020 is ushering in a lot of larger-than-life statement wedding decor. Particularly if you’ve chosen an outdoor wedding venue like Howe Farms in Chattanooga, you’ll have plenty of room to add in the details you want.

So think about what special touches you’d like to incorporate to make your event one to remember. Think big and classically you– like an elaborate floral installation, a fun and funky wedding photo booth for you and your guests, or even fireworks and pyrotechnics send offs that will dazzle all your guests. Flood the sky behind your wedding chapel with a beautiful fireworks display as grandiose as your love itself.

8- Powder Room Goodies

Yet another fun trend for 2020 weddings is decking out the ladies and mens rooms! You incorporate thoughtful details into every aspect of your special wedding day, so why not carry that right into the loo too? And we mean more than just breath mints. Consider adding baskets with items your guests might need like tissues, dental floss, and stain remover pens. You can even go with fun additions like a slew of drugstore lipstick colors for the ladies to use if they want to glam up on a trip to the restroom. Maybe even hire someone to do tarot readings for those interested. You can make every facet of your wedding a fun and memorable time!

2020 Wedding Trends usher in a lot more cheese plates and charcuterie tables. They're the new donut walls!

9- Charcuterie Boards for the Win

Have you ever heard of Cheese Hour? This is a big 2020 trend we can really get behind, cause who doesn’t love a good charcuterie board? In this fun and fancy twist on the classic Viennese Hour– which most often involves a dessert tablescape piled high with elaborate sweets and treats– you’ll see fruit, nuts, honey, olives, crackers, and all the cheese your heart could desire artfully arranged on boards for the best pre-wedding-meal snacking of your entire life. This new trend is taking the place of the donut wall we’ve seen in years past, and this cheesy take on hors d’oeuvres is sure to be a hit at any Chattanooga wedding or event.

10- Wedding Videography

Long gone are the days of roll of wedding film containing a few awkward shots of your wedding party then your family standing stiffly on the steps of a church. Wedding photography and videography is now a driving force for the day. Videography, especially for 2020, is becoming a must-do for wedding couples. So find a photographer and/or videographer with a style and vibe that matches the feel you want for your wedding day, and work with that team to capture the details in a beautiful way. You’ll want to revisit those moments again and again, and after the blur and excitement of the event fade, you’ll always have those gorgeous momentos with which to remember. Chat with the Howe Farms staff for a list of wedding photographers and videographers who they have worked with over the years, and they can help you find the best fit for your day.

The whole team at Howe Farms can’t wait to be a part of your Chattanooga wedding, and we are here to help support you as you plan too. We’ve dones this a time or two (or hundreds of times, to be honest), and we’d love to offer up suggestions for wedding vendors, timeline ideas, and more. Contact us with any needs, and otherwise– happy planning!