5 Tips for Pulling Off An Outdoor Wedding–

Though most of our parents were likely married within the walls of a local church, we’ve got options galore as Chattanooga wedding venues are concerned. Many newer generation wedding couples opt to skip the pews and fluorescent lighting to instead get hitched in the great outdoors. Here are 5 tips we’ve rounded up to help you pull off the greatest wedding at one of our outdoor wedding venues Chattanooga.

1– Temperature Control

Depending on the season you select for your wedding day, your outdoor wedding may require a little effort on the front of temperature control. Especially if you’re planning a summer wedding, your guests might need a little reprieve from the Tennessee summer heat while they party with you and your boo. Incorporate cute details that double as ways for your guests to cool down when the heat wave hits. For example, fill a vintage suitcase with paper fans your guests can grab, or place staw and floppy hats on a table for those seeking a little shade. You can also set up a drink station with cold water, lemonade, or iced tea so your friends and family can sip a cool beverage to combat the heat.

Same goes for weddings and events set in the cooler months. Think space heaters, baskets full of cozy blankets, and fire pits around which to gather. Just keep your guests comfortable!


If you’re getting married outdoors in the south, you better think about bug spray. There’s no buzz kill quite like getting feasted on by mosquitos during an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception. Help mitigate the bug bites with decorative citronella candles or torches, and bug spray stations to help your guests fight off those pesky mosquitoes. Trust us. They will be so grateful!

3– Have a Plan B!

Especially in the Tennessee Valley, weather can be so unpredictable. The last thing you want is to have your beautiful outdoor wedding day totally wrecked by a Tennessee toad strangler! (That’s southern slang for a wild rainstorm.) So work out a plan b you can execute in case the weather is uncooperative on your big day. The beauty of our Howe Farms venues is you’ll have options. Our staff can help you work out some plans to shift to in case of inclement weather.

Enhance every detail at your outdoor wedding venue Chattanooga right down to the deliciously seasonal wedding meal.

4– Curate a Seasonal Wedding Meal

Make sure your wedding meal makes sense for the outdoor setting. Keep the food seasonal. If you’re having a summer wedding, think fresh produce, light delicious meals, and nothing too heavy. For the colder months, you can choose more stick-to-your-bones style cuisine and beverages. Just be logical, factoring in weather, humidity, and temperature as they might relate to your menu items.

5– Plenty of Seating

If you’re planning to hold your event at an outdoor wedding venue Chattanooga, make sure you think about seating options. Especially if your ceremony will last longer than 10 or 15 minutes, at least some of your guests will want the option to sit down. Make sure Memaw doesn’t get stuck standing while you’re saying “I do.” If your game plan doesn’t involve seating arrangements for all the guests, you’ll at least want to provide a couple of benches or a few chairs for your older guests or your very pregnant friend, or anyone who just might need to take a load off.

No matter what your plan entails, we hope you’ll consider letting us host you at one of our outdoor wedding venues at Howe Farms. With a slew of fine options to suit essentially any style of event, our property boasts all the amenities you could want and a scenic Tennessee view you won’t soon forget.