The great thing about a wedding day is it’s all yours. You have the power and opportunity to choose every last detail from the dress to the food to the venue. There’s just something almost magical about exchanging vows outdoors, and we’re here to share with you our top 5 reasons to choose an outdoor wedding venue for your upcoming nuptials.


1– Natural Beauty

You could spin your wheels (and your cash) curating a bunch of wedding decorations, or you could keep it simple and let nature do the work for you. At our incredible venue options at Howe Farms, the backdrop is a huge part of the draw. Say “I do” to the love of your life at an outdoor wedding venue set on the rolling Tennessee countryside, golden sunlight spilling over you and your guests creating a perfect glow.

Another perk of choosing a Chattanooga outdoor wedding venue is beautiful, natural light wedding photography.

Photo by Sara Larae Photography

2– Better Photos

Speaking of that golden light, any photographer will tell you natural light is money. Money, honey. Beautiful, romantic, and forgiving, natural light makes for the best wedding photography hands down. So when you decide to get married at an outdoor wedding venue, you’re giving yourself a leg up in that arena. You’ll also love all the photo ops the Howe Farms property has to offer up with outdoor backdrops that will take your breath away.

3– More Space

When you get hitched outdoors, you have the inherent benefit of space and fresh air at your fingertips. Your guests can enjoy a less confined setting, and you can have more freedom to configure a setup that suits your needs and preferences. No walls are gonna reign you in! You can enjoy ultimate freedom when you choose an outdoor wedding venue.

4– Less Rules

Another perk of doing the dang thing outdoors is you’re less restricted by the venue rules that can sometimes put a damper on plans. Some spaces have rules like no nails in the walls for decor, no flower petals, or no glass, but generally those restrictions either don’t come into play with an outdoor setting or the rules are less stringent. If you have any specific plans, feel free to run them by our team for input as you plan!

5– Vibe

“All that sun shines on is beautiful so long as it is wild.” -John Muir

When you choose an outdoor wedding venue, you’re also choosing a vibe. There’s something calming and cleansing about being out of doors. Many of us feel an ease and grounding when we are outside, feet in contact with earth, fresh air filling our lungs with each breath. When you choose to celebrate your wedding outside, you’re also signing up for those amazing nature vibes to be a big part of the day. What could be better?

Another thing to consider is that at Howe Farms, you can even choose to do a hybrid wedding with some elements occurring outdoors and some in. Plus, you’re always covered with built-in options in case the fickle Tennessee Valley weather decides to be uncooperative on your big day. No matter what your wedding vision is, our team can help you bring it to life here at Howe Farms with myriad options for your ceremony and reception needs. Contact us today with questions, or to get the ball rolling for your outdoor wedding venue.