7 Advantages to Saying ‘I Do’ in the Winter Months

So in the south, it’s popular to choose a wedding date in June. Really April through June is the sweet spot for wedding bookings, but why? It’s smart to avoid the hottest months of the year, July and August, but why not skip the heat altogether and opt for a winter wedding Chattanooga? There are a lot of built-in advantages to having your wedding during the winter months, and we want to share our top 7 with you now.

1– Dial Back the Stress

One very stressful element of wedding planning, especially in the Tennessee valley, is trying to avoid inclement weather. For outdoor ceremonies, a simple summer rainstorm can completely derail the day– leaving you to reconfigure plans while scrambling to keep everyone dry. When you elect to wed during the winter months, you’ll likely choose an indoor venue, in which case you won’t have to worry about rain.

2– Spread Out the Weddings

If you live in the south, it’s likely that your summer schedule is jam packed with weddings. Some you’re a guest at, some are for family members, maybe you’re in the bridal party…but the fact of the matter is, it can be A LOT! When you decide to have a winter wedding, you and your guests can enjoy the event without being weddinged-out. And let’s be real, you deserve all the hype on your big day.

3– Enjoy Better Rates

When you get married in the “off” season, you get better rates on everything. During the summer months, vendors get booked up so quickly, and it can be difficult to get everything you need covered. When you get married in the winter, you run into less issues with scheduling and can secure your top vendors more readily. Plus, those vendors won’t be stretched as thin, so they can really put on the ritz for your event, bringing their A game. (You deserve it!)

4– Cheaper Travel & Lodging

Summer is a big time for travel and hotel/Airbnb stays. School is out. People often take breaks from work during the summer months. So especially if your wedding plans involve travel, or even if you have guests coming from out of town, you all stand to benefit from choosing a less popular date for the big day. Less stress and saved cash! You noticing a trend here?

5– Cooler Temps

Getting married during the sweltering heat of summer can seem silly at times. Tulle and heat are not BFFs, okay? Also, think of your poor groom and groomsmen in full-on suits in 90 degree heat! It’s just not ideal. So why not choose a winter date for your wedding, and enjoy the benefit of cooler temperatures and low humidity. Trust us, your wedding hair will thank you.

6– You’ll Have More ‘Yes’ RSVPs

Get creative with seasonal cocktails for your winter wedding Chattanooga

Summer is busy! Not in the same way as the school year is, but people tend to make a lot of plans. They travel, book vacations, have kids’ summer camps and events to plan around, as well as lots of other weddings to attend. Choosing to wed during winter means more of your friends and family will likely be available to attend and celebrate with you. It’ll also give you all something wonderful to look forward to. After all, seasonal depression is real, y’all.

7– Winter Weddings Aren’t Played Out

Another benefit to hosting a winter wedding is that it’s just something out of the ordinary. Keep it interesting and make your special day stand out. It gives you a footing to get super creative with all your wedding details. Leave the mason jar cocktails for someone else, and serve hot toddies or your own twist on a wintery cocktail. Toss throw blankets across the backs of chairs to create a cozy vibe. Think outside the box with your decor, and embrace the beauty and uniqueness of winter in each wedding choice from attire to menu to overall style.

If you’re considering a winter wedding in the Chattanooga area, we’d love to chat details and options with you. Our property at Howe Farms features a variety of different venue options suitable for any wedding theme. Check out venue options here, and contact us with any questions! Happy winter wedding planning!