There are so many reasons to consider a Chattanooga micro weddingMicro weddings have become an incredibly popular option in the current climate, and it’s honestly not hard to see why. There are actually a lot of great benefits for couples choosing to go micro, and we’ve rounded up five top reasons to have a Chattanooga micro wedding.

1– Low-Stress Planning

One major benefit to having a smaller wedding ceremony and reception is simplified planning. This could be reason enough to have a Chattanooga micro wedding. Enjoying your special day on a smaller scale means you have less to stress about during the planning stages. Hosting fewer people translates to an event that is on the whole easier to pull off.

2– A More Relaxed Day

Going micro means you can also enjoy a more relaxed timeline, or better yet, no real timeline at all. Keep it as casual as you want, because the fewer guests you have to entertain, the less strict your day-of wedding plan needs to be. You can chill with your family and friends, and enjoy the day at a natural pace. Wake up whenever you want. Take your time getting ready. You can still work in the more traditional wedding elements if that is important to you, but the beauty of it all is– the day and the timeline are all yours to structure just as you please.

3– Flexibility

Are you sensing a pattern here? Another great perk of the micro wedding is the endless flexibility that comes along with it. You can literally do whatever you want for your ceremony and reception. There is no “normal” for this new, trendy wedding day option. You can choose how long or short the event is, how formal or informal, the exact number of guests, the order of events within the event…The options and opportunities are limitless.

Host your Chattanooga micro wedding here at Howe Farms4– A Personal Experience for Guests

When you host a smaller wedding, it’s more feasible to make it a personal experience for everyone involved. The fewer guests you have, the more you’ll be able to interact and connect with each person in attendance. You can dance with every person invited, chat with each person who made the cut for such a small guest list, and share these important memories with those nearest and dearest to you. (This also means you don’t have to feel pressure to invite your dad’s 3rd cousin twice removed and his family you’ve never met just to be polite. We think that’s a great perk in and of itself.)

5– Room in the Budget

Micro weddings also mean you get to enjoy a little more breathing room in your wedding budget. Just think of the cash freed up by feeding 20 people a wedding meal instead of 200. That means you can get creative with your budget, and incorporate some fun elements like an elaborate floral installation, a more expensive menu, or even a longer, more elaborate honeymoon plan. You call the shots!

No matter what your ideal is for your wedding, we hope you’ll consider letting our team at Howe Farms help you host a Chattanooga micro wedding you and your guests will wholeheartedly enjoy from start to finish. Our property boasts a slew of both indoor and outdoor venue options for ceremony spaces, reception parties, lodging, and truly incredible photo opportunities. Let us help you go micro!