Choosing and executing a cohesive theme for your wedding celebration might seem a little overwhelming at first, but once you hone in on something that makes sense for you and your partner, a theme will help make the planning process that much simpler. When you do settle on a theme, that can be the driving force behind all the many decisions you’ll make as you piece together the biggest day of your life detail by detail. Not sure how to define a theme for your special day? Well, here are some of the best wedding themes for your Chattanooga wedding.

Boho wedding is one of the Best Wedding Themes for Your Chattanooga WeddingBoho Wedding

Bohemian themed weddings just might be forever, y’all. This ever popular wedding theme has a way of coming off as incredibly chic but in an almost effortless way. Décor is generally humble but still interesting aesthetically. Think rugs, rattan, and plants, floral crowns, flowy dresses, and naked cakes. Check out a recent bohemian-inspired styled bridal shoot we recently hosted at Howe Farms to see if this style might be your jam and bread.

Traditional Wedding

Maybe keeping it classic is more your speed. If so, think a little more formal and buttoned up with tea lights, whitewashed décor, roses, a light and airy color scheme, cocktail hour, and an overall timeless aesthetic. Keeping things classic and traditional saves you from looking back at photos in 20 years of your once-trendy style choices. You really can’t go wrong with this one as best wedding themes go.

Shabby Chic Wedding

For those of us in the south, this is a familiar wedding theme. Romantic, soft, feminine, yet rustic, this wedding theme often manifests itself best in gorgeous barn venues, like the ones we have at Howe Farms. Sweet and always accessible, the shabby chic or country wedding theme can feature flourishes like mason jar centerpieces, décor made from old doors or window panes, candles, lace, doilies, and other mismatched details that somehow blend together seamlessly. Think simple and creative, where almost anything goes.

Alternative Wedding

For the bride who refuses to be boxed in, maybe an alternative wedding theme makes the most sense. Think non-traditional dress that’s a color other than white, or maybe even patterned. A quirky groom’s cake that speaks to his own personality. Maybe you wear a fun headpiece instead of the traditional veil (we’re channeling Carrie Bradshaw in the Sex and the City movie). Have an assortment of various pies for dessert instead of a traditional wedding cake. If you go alternative, you can literally do anything you want. It’s your day.

Best Wedding Themes for Your Chattanooga Wedding– Glam Wedding

Glam Wedding

Roll out the red carpet for this one, cause it’s gonna be fancy. Jaw-dropping and perfectly over-the-top details make a glam wedding theme come to life. There’s still a lot of room to make this wedding theme totally yours, but imagine a Hollywood red lip, metallics or sequins, champagne, and bold color palettes. The glam style is all about drama and luxury, so don’t be afraid to be a little too much when it comes to clothes, decorations, the meal, and even the entertainment. YOLO.

Modern Wedding

Another popular wedding theme is modern. The mod wedding boils things down to clean lines, minimalism, and contemporary details. Always sophisticated, if this wedding theme had a profession, it would likely be: graphic designer. Every piece of the day is thoughtfully curated and executed to perfection. Think urban vibes with a streamlined color scheme, and details that all point back to modernism as the overarching idea.

No matter what your wedding theme preference, we hope you’ll consider working with Howe Farms to find the perfect venue space to complement your vision. With five different venue spaces all housed on our beautiful Tennessee property, there is an ideal space that will perfectly jive with all your meticulously planned details. Contact us today to get started or take a tour while you mull over the best wedding themes for your Chattanooga wedding!