Tips for a Successful Sparkler Send Off

Image by Allie Chambers Photography

Odds are if you’re currently planning a wedding, you’re considering a fun and highly photographable sparkler exit at the end of your reception. We get it! These en vogue exits are kind of a big deal. You get to have your moment with all your friends and family lighting the way as you spin and skip and smooch your way down a makeshift tunnel of warm firelight, photographer furiously click-click-clicking the shutter to freeze each moment in time. But if you DO plan to make this a part of your wedding day timeline, be sure to check out these helpful tips from your friends at Howe Farms for a successful sparkler send off for the books. (We’ve done this a time or two hundred.)

Tip 1: Kitty Litter.

Yes, you read that right. Kitty litter! Sand also works for putting out the sparklers, but to keep things as safe as possible, you will want to use a bucket half-filled with either kitty litter or sand. Water may not put out the sparklers quickly enough. Having a designated bucket for sparkler disposal also ensures that your guests don’t unnecessarily make a mess at your venue for you or your coordinator to deal with after the fact.

Tip 2: Get the right sparklers!

The regular 4th of July-style sparklers simply won’t do for this application. You will want to purchase the longer sparklers that are designated for this specific purpose if you want to have a successful sparkler send off. This type will burn longer, and keep your guests from accidentally burning themselves or others, which is the last thing you want to deal with at your wedding. You’ll want to get sparklers that are at least 20 inches long for the best results. These are very easy to find and purchase online.

Tips for a Successful Sparkler Send Off

Tip 3: Multiple Lighters.

To avoid wasting time passing one lighter down a long line of people, make sure you have several long, butane lighters to help speed up the process of getting everyone’s sparklers lit around the same time. This will help ensure your guests’ sparklers last around the same length of time as well, and will help create that picture-perfect tunnel of romantic light.

Tip 4: Coordinate.

If you’re working with a wedding coordinator, odds are he or she has done this before. Communication is key in ensuring a successful sparkler exit, so talk to your coordinator about giving clear instructions to guests about how they should participate in this part of the day. Directing your guests on where to stand, when to light the sparklers, and where to dispose of them after the exit are all important pieces of the puzzle that need to be made explicit.

Tip 5: Faux Exit.

Pro tip! If you have concerns about guests leaving early or even if you have only booked your photographer till a certain time, consider a faux exit. You can orchestrate this sparkler send off earlier in the evening before you actually leave your venue to ensure your guests can participate or that your photographer is there to capture the fun. When you show your grandkids these amazing photos later, they don’t have to know you didn’t actually leave right afterward.

Tip 6: Take Your Time.

This is all about the photos, right? So make sure you take your time during this sparkler send off. The more time you spend twirling and kissing and cheering with your new spouse in that magical sparkler glow, the more time your photographer has to snag some showstopping shots. Your photographer may even ask you to go back to the beginning and come down the sparkler aisle a second time to allow for even more photos. Ultimately, it’s your day, your images, and your family and friends– so do whatever feels right!

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