For most people, the question of WHEN to get married only applies to the time of the year. The time of day is almost certainly going to be afternoon and evening. But weddings haven’t always been evening affairs, and there are certainly benefits to be considered about tying the knot in the morning.

If you are a couple who likes to do things differently, maybe you are considering an early ceremony already. If so, we’re here to help! Whatever your overall plans, from a traditional church ceremony or a classic country house to taking a cruise for your wedding or getting married on a beach, here are a few of the pros and cons of getting married in the morning. 


Cheaper Rates

Everyone knows that weddings can be extremely pricey. But a morning wedding tends to be far cheaper to put on than something more traditional. As there is less demand for morning slots you can usually get a better deal from vendors, and with less boozing likely you won’t be paying for as much alcohol.

More Availability

Venues, vendors, and bands for weddings all tend to be booked up a long time in advance. But if you’ve got your heart set on a particular place, a morning wedding could be the way to go! As far fewer people will be interested in a morning time slot, you are more likely to be able to get exactly what you want, when you want it.

Unique Food Options

Wedding menus tend to be somewhat same-y, but not with a morning wedding! You can take the opportunity of the unusual time to be creative with a breakfast buffet, a make-you-own-pancake bar, whatever takes your fancy!


Less of a Party

Inevitably if your reception is happening before noon you are less likely to get the wild party vibes you might be hoping for. Morning wedding guests won’t have the same energy and will be less likely to get out on the dance floor.

Unusual Time

Guests won’t be accustomed to a morning wedding ceremony, and this can cause some logistical issues. People often plan to use the morning to travel to the venue, and some guests just won’t be used to being sociable and chatty on just one cup of coffee!

Less Time

Morning weddings tend to be shorter, as the reception will be less of a party, and many guests may plan on leaving early to take advantage of the rest of the day. The wedding party will also have less time to get ready unless they want to get up super early!

There are pros and cons to morning weddings, but with a little planning and the right attitude, they can be a delightfully alternative twist on the traditional image of a wedding!