Regency Era Georgian Wedding Venues

With Netflix’s Bridgerton making hearts flutter around the world, it’s only natural that brides and grooms want that same Regency-era style for their happiest day. From blooming gardens to wisteria decorations, all that steamy drama and romantic whimsy make Bridgerton a phenomenal matrimonial theme. Howe Farms has the Georgian venues and Regency-era views that are a perfect fit for your Bridgerton-style wedding.

The Apple Barn, an Ideal Venue for Regency-Era Weddings

Our Apple Barn’s outdoor wedding ceremony site is a favorite for couples looking for a Regency-era feel. Forest and waterfront views, reminiscent of Bridgerton’s gardens, transport guests to a regal state of mind, with stone footers and wooden arbors bringing it home. Speaking of home, The Apple Barn is home to our longest aisle, perfect for dramatic Bridgerton-inspired entrances.

The Vineyard Hall, a Georgian Hall for Bridgerton Weddings

For many brides, it’s the inside that counts. Our Vineyard Hall provides that Georgian Hall Bridgerton-style interior. Magnificent grand doors beautifully frame the indoor reception hall with white-washed walls that would make any duke feel at home. The elegant staircase is a beautiful backdrop for silky, pastel gowns just like those seen in the ‘Ton.

The Highlands Chapel, a Regency-Era Bridgerton Wedding Venue

To quote a different show, with The Highlands Chapel “you get the best of both worlds.” The elegant chapel and quaint cottage can be decorated with wisteria to create the perfect Bridgerton feel. The vintage pews of The Highland Chapel complement the exposed beams, and the view of the mountains through the cathedral windows will have you feeling like royalty.

The Pavilion, Just Add Wisteria Decorations for a Bridgerton Wedding

The Pavilion is a perfect blank canvas that allows any Bridgerton vision to come to life. Surround yourself with mountain views at our outdoor ceremony site—the perfect opportunity for Regency-era photographs! The sun sets just along the ridge of the mountains, sweeping golden sunlight over your Bridgerton-themed wedding.

The Woodlands, a Georgian Venue for Bridgerton-Style Weddings

Lastly, the Woodlands of Five Gables is our villa wedding venue with a beautiful walk-through garden ideal for time with your duchesses and ladies. The enchanting outdoor ceremony site offers shaded tranquility perfect for tea nestled in a wooded setting. Inside you’ll find your Georgian hall with high ceilings, beautiful chandeliers, and ornate details that will have your guests swooning. The dreamy white interior contrasted with dark detailing creates an ambiance that transports your guests straight to the ‘Ton.

To complete your Bridgerton-inspired look, be sure to include Regency period-inspired accessories such as old-world stationery with whimsical details, florals and greenery, taper candles, gold flatware, cut crystal stemware, or velvet napkins. To go the extra mile (or should we say kilometer?) request a Regency period-inspired menu from your caterer. Bridgerton’s historical romance is such a joy to so many, and with a Bridgerton-styled wedding, you will also be making history.